MUI is proud of PT Taishan that its medical devices to have Halal Certification


Vice Chairman MUI Dr KH Marsudi Syuhud handed over a halal certificate to the President Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia Cahyadi Burhan, in Jakarta, Thursday (7/10/2021).

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) appreciates the domestic manufacturer of medical devices PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia to have obtained a halal certificate from the MUI.

Halal certification from MUI received by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia that produces Covid-19 antigen swabs is a proof that domestic products can compete with imported products.

In addition, it also provides a guarantee that domestic products produced by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia have met the elements of comfort and safety to be used by the Indonesian people, of whom the majorities are from the Muslim community. 

This was conveyed by the Deputy Chairperson of the MUI, Dr. KH Marsudi Syuhud while attending the MUI Halal Decision Celebration event for PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia in Jakarta, Wednesday (6/10).

The event was attended by the President Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Cahyadi Burhan, Director of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Eiko Sihombing, General Chairperson of the Indonesian Medical Device Research and Manufacturers Association (APMAKI) Dr Tumiran and Muslim scholar, KH Syarif Rahmat. 

"I congratulate PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, for producing antigen swab devices that has been certified halal so that they can be more acceptable by the market or the public and meet the needs of the Indonesian people," said Deputy Chairperson of MUI, KH Marsudi Syuhud. 

Marsudi said the halal certification received by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia regarding the antigen swab products it produces has gone through a series of studies and intensive audit. 

"Because this is to ensure that this antigen swab is not a tool that has unclean or non-halal objects and all processes are carried out through research in the laboratory and audited," he explained. 

In the same place, Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Cahyadi Burhan, admitted that he was very happy with the certification obtained from MUI. 

"Halal certification from MUI is more to provide convenience for Muslims in using products from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia," he said.  

Cahyadi said that it took a fairly long process to get halal certification from MUI. 

"Indeed, getting to today's stage (obtaining an MUI halal certificate) is an encouragement for us to continue to assist the government in dealing with Covid-19," he explained. 

"It can even open the eyes and attention of the central and regional governments to the presence of local producers who participate proportionally in supporting the program of President Joko Widodo, namely to buy local and halal products," said Cahyadi. 

Meanwhile, on the sidelines of the Thanksgiving event, Chairman of the Indonesian Medical Devices Research and Manufacturing Association (Apmaki), Dr. Tumiran admitted that he was proud of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia's ability to transfer technology quickly and becomes products of domestic pride.

According to Tumiran, the use of imported Covid-19 antigen swabs will drain foreign exchange and will not create jobs. 

"I looked inside the factory, it was true that our domestic production was good in terms of mastering the technology quickly and understanding our Muslim-majority society, so that halal certification from MUI is very appropriate," he said. 

"If we continue to import, of course it will reduce the job opportunities of the Indonesian people and which will certainly suck up our foreign exchange to buy imported goods," he continued. 

In the same place, a Muslim scholar, KH Syarif Rahmat is proud of his product in obtaining a halal certificate from the MUI for the category of medical devices. 

"This is a breakthrough from PT Taishan which is good and pays attention to the need for halal products for the Indonesian people," he said. 

Regarding the large number of imported antigen swab products that hinder the progress and development of domestic products, Syarif asked the government to take firm action. 

“People who hinder the use of domestic products must be dealt with firmly. Do not let the domestic antigen swab producers such as PT Taishan, which has the intention of helping the government and the community, be made difficult,” he said. (RO/OL-09)

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