No to Imports, Central NU Halaqoh Aswaja Asks to Use Local Medical Devices

Ketua Kajian Halaqoh yang juga seorang ulama Pakar Ajaran Aswaja NU, KH. Misbahul Munir Kholil MA

Head of the Halaqoh Study who is also an NU expert on Aswaja Teachings, KH. Misbahul Munir Kholil MA


JAKARTA-The Central Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Da'wah Institute for Islamic Studies held the Ahlussunnah Waljamaah (Aswaja) Islamic Studies Halaqah at the PBNU Central Jakarta Office.

Halaqoh's results recommend that the Indonesian people, especially those who are Muslim, are obliged to use goods produced by local producers.

Pasalnya, penggunaan produk lokal yang mendapat sertifikat halal dari Majelis Ulama Indonesia (MUI) akan mempengaruhi keabsahan ibadah.

"We urge Muslims to always consume products that are guaranteed to be halal, whether food, drinks or products that come into contact with human organs. For example, Antigen swab equipment, PCR, etc. because they will affect the validity of worship," explained the Head of Halaqoh Studies who is also an NU Aswaja Expert cleric, KH. Misbahul Munir Kholil MA.

This haloqoh was attended by NU Kiai and scholars.

In addition to the Aswaja Teaching expert, Kiai Misbahul is also the caretaker of the Al-Misbah Islamic Islamic Boarding School (PIQ) Jakarta and the Central MUI Board.

Present at the Halaqoh activity for the Aswaja Islamic Studies Center were KH Ahmad Shodiq (Vice Commander of Santri), KH Mastur (Indonesian Mosque Council/DMI), Gus Imad (LDPBN), Gus Asif (Secretary General of the Aswaja Center), M Taufik Rusidi (Chairman of the Cooperative Community Welfare Business Services), Ustadz Fahruddin and Ustadz Yusep Koma.

According to him, halal certification is a form of fulfilling the obligations of the state in providing protection to its citizens.

This is important considering that the Muslim population in Indonesia reaches more than 87%.

Therefore, all products circulating in the community must be guaranteed to be halal.

“We, as Muslims, are very happy if the products are guaranteed to be halal. And what guarantees this halalness is from the MUI," he explained.

He emphasized that legal certainty regarding the halalness of a product is very important.

For this reason, he encourages the government, state-owned enterprises, hospitals, private parties to ensure the use of antigens and PCR that have been certified halal.

 "I think the purpose of this halal label is to provide a sense of security for consumers," he explained.

Furthermore, Kiai Misbahul supports President Joko Widodo's program in promoting domestic products.

This is in accordance with the Regulation of the Minister of Trade (Permendag) No. 12 of 2020 concerning Goods Prohibited from Importing.

Article 2 paragraph 1 letter C of this Regulation of the Minister of Trade states that goods are prohibited from being imported for the national interest on the grounds of protecting the health and safety of humans, animals, fish, plants and the environment.

Kiai Misbahul, who is also an NU scholar, believes that by using domestic products, more labor will be absorbed.

This also reduces unemployment as a negative impact of the COVID-19 outbreak.

“We, the scholars, ask the government to put forward local medical devices. We as children of the nation must be proud of domestic production," he explained.

 "If we rely on imported products, it will not provide benefits for our economy. In fact what happened later, there were many unemployed because our local products were not absorbed in the market,” he explained.

 For this reason, the caretaker of the Qur'an Science Islamic Boarding School again calls on the nation's children to support President Joko Widodo's policy to always love local products so that national products become masters in their own country.

 "I hope this is a united and united Indonesian nation, please help and work together. Let's help our brothers and sisters who are able to produce, for example, antigens or other medical equipment products, let's support them," he hoped.

 Therefore, Kiai Misbahul hopes that the presidential assistants must be wise in making policies.

 The Ministers must have love and pride in local products.

 “This local product should be our pride, especially if the price is cheap. We are certainly looking for cheap. Well, it's weird if you choose an expensive product. What is it? This is questionable. Logic, if there is an expensive and cheap, of course we choose the cheap one. Moreover, if it is a product of the nation's own children," he concluded.


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