Government is Proud of Domestic Antigen Swab Producers Able to Export to Foreign Countries

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Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita (third from right) accompanied by Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Cahyadi Burhan (third from left), President Director of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Eiko Sihombing (second from right), President Director of PT Indofarma Global Medika, Emi Nuel (right ), Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Milton Pakpahan (second from left) and Director General of Ilmate of the Ministry of Industry, Taufik Bawazier (left), while reviewing and inaugurating the first export of domestic antigen products PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia to Ireland and Thailand, in Jakarta, Tuesday ( 7/9/2021).

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – The government gives full support and is proud of domestic manufacturers of medical devices (Alkes), namely: PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia that has been helping in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic.

In addition to being proud to help the government in absorbing labors, the domestic medical device manufacturer is also able to expand its business by exporting its products to foreign countries.

Mentioned by Minister of Industry Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita in Jakarta, Tuesday (7/9/2021), while reviewing and inaugurating the first export of domestic antigen products PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia to Ireland and Thailand.

“My visitation at PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia has an important meaning, namely, providing support and also conveying to all Indonesian people that we have been able to produce an Antigen Swab tool, the result of the hard work of the nation's children, "said Agus Gumiwang.

Regarding exports carried out PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Agus Gumiwang considered it an extraordinary achievement for the work of Indonesians.

"I am proud that PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia can expand, meaning that its products are good and accepted by foreign countries," he said.

He is also proud of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia that are concerned about helping the government in dealing with Covid-19 in the country, as well as opening up job opportunities for the Indonesian people.

“I am proud that there are domestic medical devices manufacturers that can employ up to thousands of workers. This can be an example for other domestic producers,” he hoped.

Agus Gumiwang also appreciates PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia which has met the Domestic Component Level (TKDN) of 40 percent in its production components.

“Antigen swab products PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia I see that the TKDN has exceeded 40 percent, which is 48 percent, so ministries and institutions are obliged to buy it," he said.

Because it has exceeded TKDN, continued Agus Gumiwang, the government is committed to continuing to fully support domestic medical device manufacturers.

"Because the government will always prioritize the use of domestic products. So if there are domestic products with TKDN more than 40 percent, the government can take down foreign products from the e-catalog. But with the condition that domestic products can meet domestic needs," he said.

During his visit to PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita accompanied, Director General of Ilmate Ministry of Industry, Taufik Bawazier, Commissioner PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Cahyadi Burhan and Milton Pakpahan, President Director PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia Eiko Sihombing and the President Director of PT Indofarma Global Medika, Emi Nuel are one of the main partners PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia.

In the same place, President Director PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia Eiko Sihombing said Taishan Alkes Indonesia will conduct the first export of Indoswab Covid-19 Antigen Rapid Test Cassette to Ireland and will continue with the second export to Thailand.

Export products with the Indoswab label, according to Eiko Sihombing, are to make Indonesia proud abroad.

"In fact, we deliberately designed the box, gave a name, designed the red and white casing color which is very identical to our country, Indonesia," he said.

"With the acceptance of our products in Ireland and Thailand, local people can be concerned and know about the presence of the work of this nation's people who are rich in creativity," he continued.

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