In preparation for the Inauguration of PBNU in East Kalimantan, Thousands of Antigen Rapid Tests to protect the 96th Harlah NU

Jelang Pengukuhan PBNU di Kalimantan Timur

A thousand rapid antigen test kits to protect the inauguration of the 96th PBNU and Harlah NU in Balikpapan. The rapid antigen test kits were donated by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia.


TRIBUNKALTIM.CO Prior to consolidation PBNU periode 2022-2027 in East Borneo, Monday (31/1/2022).

A total of 1,000 antigen rapid test kits landed in Balikpapan, East Borneo.

To protect the big events of the 96th NU in Balikpapan.

The thousand rapid antigen test kits were donated by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia.

The Antigen Rapid Test Test Kits will later be used by the Committee and the Balikpapan City Health Office to prevent Covid-19 at the 96th NU Harlah and Inauguration activities. PBNU.

The event will be held at the Balikpapan Dome Building on Monday, January 31, 2022.

The handover of the Rapid Test Kits was symbolically accepted by the Chairperson of the Provincial Aswaja NU Center East Borneo KH. Fathur Rozi was accompanied by the Head of Disease Control and Eradication (P2P) of the Balikpapan City Health Office, drg. Ahmad Jais and representatives from the Balikpapan Police. The handover ceremony was held at the Balikpapan Dome Building, Sunday (30/01).

In his speech KH. Fathur Rozi expressed his gratitude to PT Taishan for the donation of the Antigen Rapid Test kits. According to him, the committee and the Balikpapan Health Service really need it.

"This is very helpful and necessary in the context of controlling Covid-19," said KH. Fahrur Razi.

Meanwhile, for the P2P Division of the Balikpapan Health Service, drg. Ahmad Jais added that large events such as Harlah NU really need strict health protocols. Moreover, according to him, this activity will also be attended by the President.

"Mr. President, and State and Regional officials will attend, of course it requires certain procedures and health protocols must be tightened. Thank you PT Taishan for helping," he concluded.

Besides consolidation administrators, there will also be an office declaration PBNU in the national capital (IKN) in the Sepaku sub-district, North Penajam Paser Regency, East Kalimantan.(*)

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