Golkar Appreciates Donation of Antigen Swab Rapid Test from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia

Para Pengurus Golkar

The Golkar Party received assistance from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, 10 thousand antigen swab kits, Thursday (24/6/2021). The aid will be used for the Yellow Clinic, at the Golkar Party DPP Office, West Jakarta.

Yellow Clinic, is a health clinic managed by the banyan party to serve the needs of swab tests, vaccinations and several other health activities. The clinic, which was established in early 2021, aims to provide cheap and even free health services for the community.

Assistance from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, of course, is very useful for Yellow Clinic. Secretary General of the Golkar Party DPP Lodewijk F Paulus appreciated the 10,000 antigen swab kits.

“Golkar is very grateful for the assistance from PT Taishan. Antigen swabs are really needed by the community, as well as helping the government," said Lodewijk.

Golkar itself has assisted the government in accelerating the COVID-19 vaccination to the public. The assistance and the role of the private sector are in line with the Golkar Party's motto, namely Healthy People, Rising Economy.

"The Golkar Party has carried out eight batches of vaccinations to the public and we will develop testing using this antigen swab aid from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia," said Lodewijk.

Deputy Chairperson of Commission IX of the DPR RI, Melki Laka Lena, welcomed the assistance in the form of a COVID-19 antigen swab device that was given to the Yellow Clinic of the Golkar Party in an effort to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia.

Melki hopes that the private sector will do the same thing as PT Taishan. Currently, antigen swabs are still expensive, around Rp. 200,000 to Rp. 250,000 for one examination.

“With the presence of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, we hope that prices can be reduced even more. Once again, thank you for your support, hopefully this good intention can bring benefits to the people of Indonesia," said Melki.

Meanwhile, the President Commissioner of PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, Cahyadi Burhan hoped that the handing over of aid to the Golkar Party through the Yellow Clinic could help the government in dealing with COVID-19.

"Hopefully this can open our eyes and pay attention to local producers who play a proportional role in supporting President Jokowi's program, to buy local products, especially in handling COVID-19," said Cahyadi.

Cahyadi said that the initial stage of assistance was given to the Golkar Party as a party that has carried out the people's mandate which is currently led by Airlangga Hartarto, as well as Chairman of the Committee for Handling COVID-19 and National Economic Recovery (KPC-PEN).

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