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PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia is a pioneering company in indonesia producing Rapid Test Swab Antigen and Rapid Test Antibody to detect the Covid-19 virus.

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PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia products are the work of Indonesian people

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Our products are made through an effective and efficient production process so as to produce superior quality products according to applicable standards

Audit Committee Charter

Jakarta - With respect to the company's IPO process and in order to comply with the provisions of article 12 paragraph 3 POJK 55/2015, the company has posted this audit committee charter on the company's official website.

Taishan Alkes Indonesia Donates 5,000 Antigen Swab Kits to Ecuador

  Jakarta - PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia donated 5,000 antigen swab kits to the Government of the Republic of Ecuador. This donation was symbolically given by Taishan Alkes leaders, namely Cahyadi Burhan, Eiko Sihombing and Erick Harefa to the Government of the Republic of...

In preparation for the Inauguration of PBNU in East Kalimantan, Thousands of Antigen Rapid Tests to protect the 96th Harlah NU

  TRIBUNKALTIM.CO - Ahead of the inauguration of PBNU for the 2022-2027 period in East Kalimantan, Monday (31/1/2022). A total of 1,000 antigen rapid test kits landed in Balikpapan, East Kalimantan. Especially if it doesn't protect the big activities of the 96th NU in Balikpapan....

No to Imports, Central NU Halaqoh Aswaja Asks to Use Local Medical Devices

  JAKARTA-The Central Nahdlatul Ulama (PBNU) Da'wah Institute for Islamic Studies held the Ahlussunnah Waljamaah (Aswaja) Islamic Studies Halaqah at the PBNU Central Jakarta Office. The results of this Halaqoh recommend that the Indonesian people, especially those who are Muslim...

Expensive, Hamdan Zoelva Asks the Government to Review Imports of Medical Devices

Deputy Chairman of the Advisory Council of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) Hamdan Zoelva asked the government to review the import of medical devices. "If the government has a strong political will, medical equipment such as antigen swab and PCR equipment should not need to be imported," he said.

MUI is proud of PT Taishan that its medical devices to have Halal Certification

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) appreciates the domestic medical device manufacturer PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia which has obtained a halal certificate from the MUI. Halal certification from MUI received by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia which produces antigen swab...

Government is Proud of Domestic Antigen Swab Producers Able to Export to Foreign Countries

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA - The government gives full support and is proud of the domestic medical device (Alkes) manufacturer, PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia which has been helping in efforts to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic. Apart from being proud to help the government...

Defamation, Director of Medical Devices Company Reported

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia -- The director of a company engaged in the health sector, PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia, reported a director of a foreign company to Polda Metro Jaya on Monday (30/8). Reports related to allegations of defamation. Reported in this case...

KSP Moeldoko: I'm Proud of Local Medical Products Helping the Government

President's Chief of Staff (KSP) Moeldoko made a working visit to the antigen swab medical factory owned by PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia. Moeldoko admitted that he was proud that the domestic medical manufacturer, able to compete with imported products, domestic companies...

Golkar Appreciates Donation of Antigen Swab Rapid Test from PT Taishan Alkes Indonesia

Yellow Clinic, is a health clinic managed by Golkar Party to serve the needs of swab tests, vaccinations and several other health activities. The clinic, which was established in early 2021, aims to provide affordable health services...

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